innovative rapid prototypingAt the innovative prototype and pre-production stages, products are typically in a state of on-going development that requires the ability to respond to design changes while still meeting the stringent performance and schedule requirements. Through the utilization of assembly skills learned over decades of experience, Linear has attained the status as a leader in prototype and pre-production manufacturing. We have the capability through our partner companies to be able to procure small quantities of PCB's, custom molded parts and electronic components at low cost to produce the prototype quantities.

Prototype Services at a Glance:

  • SMT/Through-Hole Capabilities, Complex PCBs/BGA Assemblies
  • Quick turn SMT and through-hole capabilities
  • Complex PCBs / BGA assemblies
  • Board level or complete assemblies
  • Consigned or turnkey material management
  • Critical feedback for future production builds leveraging our extensive DFM, DFT and DFA expertise and experience

The Benefits To You

Linear can reduce lead times for your products. We achieve this by maintaining strategic partnerships with numerous suppliers. Because we use multiple providers we are able to achieve better pricing and accountability to meet deadlines.

  • Expeditious time to market
  • Lower production costs, improved quality and enhanced performance
  • Close collaboration between your engineers and our prototype team
  • Full access to our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise