On August 22, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted a rule mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 requiring companies to publicly disclose the use of conflict minerals (Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum or Gold) used in products, originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. To determine if a mineral were sourced from the DRC or adjoining countries, a company using any of the designated minerals is required to conduct a reasonable ‘country of origin’ inquiry that must be performed in good faith and be reasonably designed to determine whether any of its minerals being used have originated from the DRC and/or adjoining countries, or from scrap or recycled sources.

Linear Manufacturing has partnered with David Cheek, an Environmental Compliance Consultant to assess the impact on Linear and its customers. Mr. Cheek detailed the SEC requirements to assess whether or not Linear was subject to any of the requirements. He concluded that Linear Manufacturing is exempt from Conflict Minerals because it is Privately held and has no influence over the design or selection of parts it sources for its customers.

However, Linear Manufacturing is aware that it provides material typically not included on customer material lists. As such, we are working with these suppliers to determine the source of minerals contained in these products (typically solder) to assure they are not funding the armed conflict in the DRC. What follows is the current list of solder supplies Linear utilizes and links to their Conflict Minerals statement. We will continue to monitor this process with due diligence to ensure we continue to support the guidelines of the humanitarian act.

FCT  –  Certificate  of  Compliance  available  upon  request;  on  file  at  Linear Manufacturing

Amtech – Certificate of Compliance available upon request; on file at Linear Manufacturing