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Linear Manufacturing Expanding -
 New Space and New Equipment

 Colorado Springs, CO (July 25, 2012) – Linear Manufacturing has acquired and opened and additional 10,000 square feet at 1096 Elkton Dr. Despite being closed down for a few days at the end of June, 2012 due to evacuations from the Waldo Canyon fire, things are looking very good for the electronics manufacturing company.

In addition to the expansion of space, Linear has acquired a KISS 101 Selective Solder System. The purchase of this piece of equipment eliminates the need for masking and hand soldering, resulting in significant time savings. The production of boards that required skilled employees to hand solder are now being run on the KISS 101 which allows the skilled employees to work on higher level work. Improved production time standards and increased consistent quality of boards soldered have resulted from utilizing the KISS 101.

Linear continues to do more box build assembly, complete turnkey and testing in the Colorado Springs facility.   J. Palace, President and Founder of Linear, says, “I am pleased to see the economy turning around and remain optimistic regarding the growth of our company. We have added new space in anticipation of increasing our staff over the next several months.”

Linear Manufacturing has been based in Colorado Springs since 1995.  Linear is a contract manufacturer for electronic circuit board assemblies and serves clients in many market segments for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) including water treatment controllers, aerospace assemblies and medical devices.