kim kerr1Kim has been the Director of Materials at Linear Manufacturing for almost three years. Kim oversees the purchasing department and the stock room. She is in charge of procurement as well as inventory control.

With over 16 years of experience in the role of director of materials and over 25 years in the electronics industry, Kim knows her way around the facility.  

When asked why she likes working at Linear, she said, “I really like working for Jay. He is dedicated to making our company succeed. I also love the Linear culture. Everyone is aware of job expectations and is free to perform at optimum levels. An added bonus is that I have lots of hands on time with customers through some of my project management duties.”

Away from Linear, Kim enjoys her close knit family and enjoys spending lots of time with them. She loves to travel and says Alaska is a favorite destination. For relaxation and “therapy”, she gardens…she likes getting really dirty and then witnesses the beautiful results of her efforts.